Commercial Services

A huge key to a commercial investment’s success is keeping the building full of paying tenants. SVN | Retter & Company has a strong mix of experience and ambition working to help fill your vacant suites, add a property to or reduce the size of your investment portfolio, or help you purchase your first commercial investment. Our sales & leasing team can be contracted individually, or within the full service management package.

At SVN | Retter & Company, we employ a highly resourceful, streamlined, and team-centered approach to Commercial Leasing & Property Management. Our Sales and leasing team work closely with Property Management to sign leases that make sense for your property and that are easier to administer, reducing landlord/tenant issues down the road and encouraging future lease renewals. Our team understands that the owner/manager relationship will carry on long after the sales transaction or lease signing and we approach every deal in that manner.

As a company, SVN | Retter & Company believes in investing in our associates to ensure that the properties they manage are handled professionally and with special regard for our clients. As Tri-Cities natives, we feel a special connection to our clients and have a vested interest in seeing our community grow and prosper.

Our Commercial Services Team

Rob E

Rob Ellsworth

Senior Advisor

  (509) 430-2378

Howell Head Shot

Scott Howell

Senior Advisor

  (509) 379-3111

Scott S

Scott Sautell

Senior Advisor

  (509) 430-8986


Aaron Rowe

Associate Advisor



James Wade

Senior Advisor

  (509) 521-3724

IMG_6163 (1)

Taylor Gibbons

Hotel & Retail Advisor

(509) 939-1741

Ben M

Ben Murphy

Senior Advisor/Property Manager

  (509) 378-2997